Tagi: lol typography

Tagi: lol typography

A girl from the bus

I saw a pretty girl in a bus. We were sitting few seats away, face to face. She saw me too. Few times our glances met, but she immediately looked away, smiling to herself.

I got out on earlier stop . I will never see this girl again. But I will be thinking about her for the whole incoming week.

The list

Naked woman on bed turned her face to a man lying next to her.

- Did you ever think of making a list of things to do in life? - she asked.
- I never really thought of that.
- I would travel around the world - she said, beginning to dress up - see all these wonderful places… and get away from here.
She stopped, staring somewhere behind the window.

- Why won’t you just go? - man asked.

Woman sighed quietly and stood up. She walked to a table and smiled softly while taking few banknotes.
She put on her shoes and took last glance at the man on bed. Then she left without saying any word.

Man took sheet of paper and pen from a drawer. He was looking at it for a while, then he ticked the line: “Sleep with a hooker”